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T-Trap N-Neuter R-return 

What is TNR? Trap Neuter Return is the most humane and effective way to control the ever growing outdoor cat population and has been practiced for decades. TNR focuses on colonies of cats (two of more cats that share the same food source). Colonies will usually have a colony caretaker but it could be a restaurant, or other area with resources. Catch and kill has been used for many years but if we take a look around we haven't gotten much of anywhere. This is because of a phenomenon know as the vacuum effect. The vacuum effect is when you remove something which creates a "vacuum" and it is then filled back up. Cats main priority is to make sure as many kittens survive to adult hood as possible. So when you remove the cats more come and fill that empty space that has resources and breed. TNR creates areas where no new kittens are being born and thus stabilizes the population. The cats are also given the rabies shot and in our case they will also get the FVCRP vaccine. Please take the time to check out the linked article below for more information on what a wonderful solution TNR is.

Our program: 


Wandering Cats is a group of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of the feral and free roaming cat population in Kinney County. We have a vet clinic we work with in Boerne, Texas. It is a bit of a drive but the surgeries only cost us approx. $60 a piece. Please consider donating to support our efforts or become a volunteer.




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